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Frank & Annewiek Doorhof started with a computer company in the Windows 3.11 era (about 1993). They were interested in techniques and gadgets and the first with internet (you remember the bleeps of the 33k6 modems). Frank practically grew up in the darkroom of his photgraphing and filming grandparents and kept interest in photography ever since. So when the first digital camera’s arrived he picked up that hobby. He made his first instructional video, and the whole family helped printing/copying/boxing them to sell to camera stores.

One thing led to the other and before you know it he is asked to demonstrate on shows and fairs, like Photokina, The Photography Show, Dutch Professional Imaging and Scott Kelbys Photoshop World. The computer company was sold in 2013 to focus on teaching workshops worldwide. Being the first Sony ambassador and the interests in technique and computers he looked for a tethering solution, to check focus and composition on a big screen. That is when Frank became a Tether Tools ambassador and Annewiek started selling Tether Tools in the Netherlands. Many brands have asked Frank to become their ambassador too like Light-Blaster, Phottix, Elinchrom and Rogue Expo Imaging. Frank helped and designed with the Frank Doorhof Flashbender, with the unique soft silver (or grey) inside.

Meanwhile Frank, together with Scott Kelby wrote “Mastering the Model Shoot, Everything a photographer needs to know before, during and after the Shoot” which has been translated in to Czech, traditional & simplified Chinese and in 2017 in Dutch. His earlier Dutch book about the “Magic of the Small Flash” sells also very well.

Frank & Annewiek continue to teach workshop worldwide and making videos. Every month they broadcast a live photoshoot from the studio in Emmeloord, called “Digital Classroom”. Frank vlogs about his photography live in “behind the closed DOORs” and gives tips & techniques in his “Quite Frankly” video’s. Join our YouTube channel! www.youtube.com/frankdoorhof

In our shop you can order Tether Tools, instructional videos (discs or downloads) and presets of the software Frank uses. Buy your book with a signature or the Frank Doorhof Flashbender (see equipment). We also sell Lightblaster to create stunning backdrops (equipment). Also check out our merchandise!


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