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Downloads or presets:

Download or presets are not physical products. When your payment is successful you will get a link immediately. Please don’t forget to check your spam also. If you don’t receive a link, please log in again and check My orders => My downloadable products. You can always download your order there. Please be aware that downloads are limited to 3 downloads only, so always make a backup.

Unpacking zip files is preferred by the free 7Zip, try another program if this doesn’t work.

Presets are NOT complete programs! A preset can only installed if you have (bought) the software. We do have a discount available for Skylum (MacPhun) and Alien Skin. Please contact us if you like to receive them.

Buying as a business:
If you are a photography company and need larger number of the same cables, please contact us. Also if you have any requests or demands for your invoice let us know


If you have questions or doubt about a product, let us know and we will help you

Check www.tethertool.com for more product info. www.tethertalk.com is the go-to online resource for the tethered photography industry. Brought to you by Tether Tools, this blog offers knowledgeable and objective insight on the latest gear and software, while also connecting you with top industry professionals for advice on everything from photography workflow to marketing and sales tips.

Take care of your cables:
Learn a proper coiling technique to add years to your cables life. Avoid folding, hard bending or kinking the cable when you don’t use your cable or when you want to travel with it. Preferable use a Tether Tools Carry Bag, with a see trough window, which can also be used as a weight.

Which cable fits my camera?

If you are not sure which cable you need, go to: www.tethertools.com/ choose SEARCH BY CAMERA , select your manufacturer and model and see your options. If your camera is not there, then unfortunately there is no Tethering Cable

How to find the right Relay Camera Coupler for Case Relay?

Go to www.tethertools.com/relay

How do I know if my camera is supported by Case Air?

Almost every Nikon and Canon camera is supported. Some have less functionality or, check all details here: link

Other product questions

RapidMount SLX and Q20 link

Case Air Wireless System link

Case Relay Camera Power System link

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