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Mastering the Model Shoot: Creativity

Creativity is an important thing in a successful photoshoot. How to find the X-factor. Including use of the Light Blaster, gels and retouching. 85 minutes
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Description We love to photograph models, but often it stops there: a pretty girl with great lighting in front of a great background…. How do you go further, how do you go from ok to WOW? Creativity is one of the most important things in a successful photoshoot and in this video you will learn to find your creativity. In this video you will find a lot of information on the X-Factor in a successful photoshoot… “creativity”. How do you get creative? What are tools to get amazing shots that stand out? How do you find ideas and much much more…. With several setups Frank explains the usage of special lenses and techniques to get stunning special effects without the use of photoshop or smoke, but you will also see a complete shoot that starts out with creative light painting with the aid of a projector but quickly grows into several lighting solutions, colored gels and even smoke, but it doesn’t stop there of course, there is a lot of attention to detail, how to work with the model and a full retouching section and creative tools like the light blaster, this video is JAM-PACKED with creativity. Topics include : styling to the extreme, using different light sources on location, finding angles, using special lenses like the lensbaby, getting a “fog” effect without smoke, playing with lens flares, using a projector and creative light painting, using smoke, using colored gels, the light blaster, selective focus, retouching, how to use the meter, how to coach the model…… and much much more. Run time well over 85 minutes, filmed in 4K video is 1080P.
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