Status of my order:

You will get notified when your products ship. Depending of your address it could take up to 2 weeks before your order arrives.

When you order ans payment are received you always get confirmation, please check your spam and junk folder. For downloads please log in to your account to retrieve your copy (my downloadable products) Download or presets are not physical products.

When your payment is successful you will get a link immediately. Please don’t forget to check your spam also. If you don’t receive a link, please log in again and check My orders => My downloadable products. You can always download your order there. Please be aware that downloads are limited to 3 downloads only, so always make a backup.

Unpacking zip files is preferred by the free 7Zip, try another program if this doesn’t work.

Please remember: we are a small 2-man company. And always travel together. Please be patience when replies take longer, especially during weekends and holidays. We try to respond in 24 hours.

But don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding your order

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